Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Team Collaborates on Creating a True Community Garden

Green Team Southwestern is collaborating with Winfield High School (USD 465) in the creation of a community garden in Winfield. The community garden will be a sustainable source of fresh produce for the community for years to come. Several Green Team students are currently working with staff from USD 465 in order to prepare the land for next spring's planting season. "If the land is not properly cultivated in the fall, the ground will not produce a good yield of produce in the summer," says Winfield Superintendent Marvin Estes.

Some of the crops produced in the community garden will be sold at local farmers' markets in order to generate income to keep the garden running. Some of the produce will also be available to those volunteers who work the garden throughout the year. However, a large portion of the produce will be donated to the local Winfield food pantry in order to provide nourishment for the needy residents of Cowley County.

Green Team Southwestern was recently awarded a matching grant in the amount of $500 from Kansas Campus Compact. The grant is a part of the Commemmorate Kansas/Serve Kansas program and will help with the expenses of starting the community garden. The Green Team will dedicate the garden on the anniversary of Kansas becoming a state, January 29, 2011.

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